Friday, 22 April 2016

FACULTY - The Nation Builders

Since last republic day it has been bothering me severely that someone wrongly said - "students rejected by the industry are becoming faculty these days. They themselves doesn't have the skills, how could they teach the younger generation?"
   Ever since I have heard this innocent speech delivered by a ill-literate scholar, my young faculty blood has been boiling with discontent because in a country where speeches are given on freedom of speech for every Indian citizen, I felt there is still no freedom of immediate expression due to various circumstances. Whatever the reasons might be, positive emotions un expressed are not good for self and society in every way. So I felt like expressing my opinion on behalf of all my     teaching fraternity here in my blog.
      Briefly saying, Family Attachment Combined with Utmost Love for Teaching the Younger generation = FACULTY.If teacher is not given the right kind of respect by a fellow faculty himself, then who else would???? I  personally felt if teachers are humiliated before the student community, then learning of the students would be deprived because of the poor opinion about teachers sown in their conscious minds by a bad gardener.

This is my personal opinion and a emotion un expressed, now found its expression through my blog. This is not meant to hurt the feelings of any person in particular. I'm a independent Indian FACULTY and I have all rights of expression of views. Proud to be a teacher.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

The Truest Meaning of "CHRISTMAS"

The Truest Meaning of CHRISTMAS...??? It is a well known fact that it is the birthday of Jesus Christ.
Then what else could be "The Truest Meaning...??? " Well...let me begin with an explanation...
Imagine you are attending a birthday party of someone.What would you first think of ?? Yeah...You are Right.It is about " What Birthday Gift should i offer him/her??? " Now come on..if its the birthday of a human being,we give him a material gift.

But what about Jesus..our Lord God..the Saviour of this World...??? what gift have you given him on every CHRISTMAS ever since You came in to this earth...???Now you might be thinking like " Iam an ordinary human being.So,What gift could i offer to GOD ??? "
We human beings are full of all sorts of bad emotions/qualities or habits..!! More Negativity inside us.
The Gift God Expects from you is to Live a life full of positivity and positive emotions/habits.The Gift You Have to Offer GOD is--
"Leave at least one negative habit of yours for every Christmas..!!!
So that, by the day you sacrificed almost all of your bad habits,you begin living the life that God expected you to live..!!! 
A life full of Positivity and Positive Emotions/ Habits.
This is the true meaning of a Christian Life..!!!
It is our Responsibility to GOD and the Society we live in as well. Your Gift to Jesus Ready..???Are you ready to Live the Life Jesus wanted You to Live...??? Come on..Think...Think...Think again and again...!!!

After All...Jesus will be Born this Christmas..
inside Your Heart...and the Gift You Offer God residing inside your Heart...will reach Your Heart itself.
Isn't it a Gift intended by Jesus for you " YOURSELF "???
                                      Wow...Surprising na..!
This is What Jesus Wants from all of us..!!!
Wishing You a Very Happy Christmas.

Friday, 26 July 2013


India is a developing country since it got independence...presently India is celebrating its glorious 65 years of independence.....but why isn't it yet developed ? is it because of this growing population and the resulting poverty? Na..Na..its not at all the reason...the actual reasons are three according to my view...
1)Caste discrimination
2)Corruption  and
3)Black money...
               In parts of India we Indians see that the people of higher castes dominate over the lower caste...and they suppress the talents of the lower caste people.In the early days of independent India the agricultural land is possessed only by landlords of a certain dominant caste and all other lower caste people had to submit their land to these so called land lords and the lower caste people used to work in their own submitted lands as workers earning daily wages and somehow managing to make a living.
                This means the wealth is  concentrated only in the hands of a few..! It is this so called rich... richer... richest people..that save their overflowing money in the form of black money in some swiss banks and all without payng taxes to our country...and the burden of this taxes is born only by the poor and middle class citizens.

what had happened is...the lower caste people used to earn their daily wages and they had no assets to give to their next succeeding generations...and the poverty contined till the present day...No proper good health.. no proper education to children.... .lower standards of life...and no development...and the poverty cycle recycles...!!

 But what about those land lords successors? they were born with a silver spoon....with lots of money...good diet...good health...good education....higher studies...and best luxurious lives...!!  
The poor...still in that same old stage where their ancestors used to be....where is the scope for development? where  is the scope for social justice? the rich search for more and more ways to save their excess money...and the poor still search for the means to earn for livelihood...!!

            Do you feel that its a situation that used to be there only in the past?? definitely not.Even today we find caste related issues in the i would like to add one of my own experience--"a couple of months back one of my colleague was searching for a rented house.many of the flat owners asked like -"what caste do you belong to?? " oh god...i got shocked...what does a house owner have to do with the 'caste' of the rent payers? this is just an example...there are many more such situations where even the so called 'well educated' people get crazy about their caste and all that stuff...!!
         Thank god...God is somewhere in heaven and not on earth..otherwise people would have irritated asking him "whats your caste?" .

with this small blog i would like to contribute my suggestion to the development of my country saying that..."we all are Indians...and belong to one single caste called 'HUMAN CASTE'...we can develop our mother India only when all the Indians abolish the 'caste' system...and live with a feeling of we all are just Indians...and no divisions based on caste or color or religion or language or whatever.... "MERA BHARAT MAHAAN"....VANDE MATARAM...

 This Blog is written for the IndiBlogger contest "IDEA CARAVAN" ,a theme that powerful ideas of today are the true investments for a better tomorrow,Conducted by  Franklin Templeton Investments ,that has partnered the TEDxGATEWAY Mumbai in 2012.
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Sunday, 19 May 2013

" My Dream Chat with Surprising Six...!! "

Blogger Contest: " If you could connect with 5 or more people in a WeChat group - who would they be, and why? What would you talk about? The people can be dead, alive or even fictional.".

          If i could connect with 5 or more people in a WeChat group, I would choose Six people...! Consisting of " Fantastic four + Wonderful one + Wicked one ".

  Chat-1 ( with Swami Vivekananda )

        When i see most of the youth today ignoring their Parents/Teachers/Elders words and  are walking blindly in  the magical spell of carnal pleasures like consuming alcohol/drugs,pornography,sex and involving in disputes and  getting addicted to all sorts of  negative emotions, i would like to  chat with Swami Vivekananda.

" Vivekananda ji...why are todays youth  forgetting the fact that it is the youth themselves that have the responsibility of taking the country forward towards development?? Don't they know that it is the youth alone that have the tremendous potential to develop India as a developed nation?
I would also like to ask -
"Why most of todays youth simply share your sayings like - "Arise Awake and Stop not Till The Goal is Reached" in
Social networking websites like Face Book but  are  not actually able to understand and implement the meaning hidden in  those sayings?? Why are the aged and  retired persons playing active part in politics of our nation,while the youth are wasting their time and energy in unnecessary deeds ??  I would also like to know why todays youth are unable to answer when they are asked - "When is National Youth Day celebrated in India??" 
Vivekananda:(Real Quote )
"My hope of the future lies in the youths of character,intelligent,renouncing all for the service of others, and obedient - good to themselves and the country at large ".
" Sir..most of todays youth are ignorant of the fact that it is their responsibility to preserve and enhance the greatness of  our country and its culture..! How can we expect them to be aware that  National Youth Day is celebrated in India on 12 January on the birthday of Swami Vivekananda ??
Vivekananda:(Real Quote )
 " Awake, awake great ones! The world is burning with misery.Can you sleep? Let us call and call, till the god within answers to the call.What more is in life? What greater work? "
"Sir,you have told about the importance of practicing Brahmacharya (Restraining oneself from sexual activity for pleasure).But today few men are committing Rapes even on small children and harassing women...! Seems like Humanity is going back towards reverse evolution...from Man back to Animal again..!!
Vivekananda:(Real Quote )
"Over-indulgence in sensual pleasures makes the senses bereft of vigour and strength, and unfit for higher achievements in life. Though our sages were married, they had tremendous control over their senses. By the practice of brahmacharya. one can easily transform the sexual energy into ojas, which makes the brain and the nervous system strong and brings new vigour and enthusiasm in blood. Single-pointed concentration and memory power are the results of brahmacharya. "
        " Violence, crime, killing, committing suicide are the outcome of weak minds.The strong and disciplined mind acts like a friend, but the weak, uncontrolled, and frustrated mind acts like an enemy and leads to destruction."
" With the faith that there is still humanity left...just as a single candle of hope could light up hundreds of candles to win over darkness,still today there are people and organisations striving hard to bring back humanity in to practice.Things are going to change sooner..hopefully...!!
Vivekananda:(Real Quote )
         "If faith in ourselves had been more extensively taught and practiced,lam sure a very large portion of the evils and miseries that we have would have vanished."
          "The more we come out and do good to others,the more our hearts will be purified, and God will be in them."

Chat-2 ( with Mahatma Gandhi )

       When i see people  forgetting the fact that we all are human beings and it is our minimum responsibility to love and respect fellow human beings and are developing negative feelings like hatred,jealousy,misery,caste feelings and are insulting fellow Homo Sapiens...i would like to ask Mahatma Gandhiji, what he would suggest to maintain peace and love in the present society...!

       " have told -" Show the right cheek to someone who slaps your left cheek ".But how many are ready to do that ?? In todays society,people are most bothered about earning more and more money,through ways of income both fair and and illegal...and are not bothered about the poor who doesnt even have minimum needs like roti,kapda and makaan.
         The poor are being slapped on both of their cheeks by these so called rich and corrupt politicians by ignoring their welfare and rights.Where is the scope for social justice? and where is the word 'social justice' used at least...?? oh...yeah i is just used in the political parties agendas and posters while they approach the poor and the masses for begging votes...!
Mahatma Gandhi:  (Real Quote)
" Corruption and hypocrisy ought not to be inevitable products of democracy, as they undoubtedly are today " 
" once said "the day a woman can walk freely on the roads, that day we can say that India achieved independence".But in todays society,forget about walking on roads,even while traveling in a public transport bus, Indian sisters are not at all safe.Which shows us that even after 65 years after attaining Independence,India is still not Independent?? "
Mahatma Gandhi:  (Real Quote)
 “To call woman the weaker sex is a libel; it is man's injustice to woman. If by strength is meant brute strength, then, indeed, is woman less brute than man. If by strength is meant moral power, then woman is immeasurably man's superior. Has she not greater intuition, is she not more self-sacrificing, has she not greater powers of endurance, has she not greater courage? Without her, man could not be. If nonviolence is the law of our being, the future is with woman. Who can make a more effective appeal to the heart than woman?”
 " fought with the British through methods of Non-Violence (ahimsa) and won Freedom for India from the British rule.Even today India is  ruled by the corrupt politicians,who are far more dangerous than the British."
         " The British had ruled our India for almost 300 years.Since Independence,Corruption have been ruling India and exploiting it.How long will this Corrupt rule last ?? is there no expiry date ??
  Mahatma Gandhi:  (Real Quote)
" Nonviolence is not a garment to be put on and off at will. Its seat is in the heart, and it must be an inseparable part of our being.If India adopted the doctrine of love as an active part of her religion and introduced it in her politics. Real Swaraj would descend upon India from heaven. But I am painfully aware that that event is far off as yet."
                       " Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram Patita Pavan Sitaram..!
                     Eshwar Allah Tero Nam,Sabako Sanmati De  Bhagawan..!! "

Chat -3 ( with Albert Einstein )

        Whenever i see the masses being lured by the corrupt Politicians with false promises of upliftment and welfare,But ignoring the masses after getting in to Power,i would like to chat with Albert Einstein who studied the most complex theories of physics, with a hope that he might be able to study the mindsets of these corrupt politicians,whose corrupt thoughts are even more complex than the toughest theories of physics.

 "Sir, you gave a wonderful gift to the world in the form of your Mass Energy Equivalence(E = mc²).Which
stated that - " Mass and Energy are both but different manifestations of the same thing".The equation E = mc², where energy is equal to mass times the speed of light times the speed of light, shows that very small
amounts of mass can be turned into large amounts of energy, and large amounts of energy can be turned into very small amounts of mass.The equation said that mass and energy really had equal value.
              Sir,all i wanted to ask you is weather there is any law that could explain the reason why most of the todays political leaders gain their  Energy (Political Power ) from the Masses ( People/Voters ) but  soon after attaining that Energy through the Masses, violate your law and state their own law of   "Masses Energy Non-Equivalence " which indirectly states that "Energy can be attained through Masses but Masses can never be  equalized with the Energetic".These so called Energetic corrupt political leaders doesn't even bother weather the masses have light ( Electricity) in their houses or not.They rule the masses in such a way that the life standards of the masses are uplifted at a rate equal to "inverse ratio of the velocity of light".
Albert Einstein: (Real Quote)
 " The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil,but because of the people who don't do anything about it".
 " Sir,though your proposed Mass Energy Equivalence was responsible for the creation of the first Atom Bomb,i know you were a great philanthropist and you opposed misuse of science and technology for destructive purposes.would you like to say something about humanity and world peace ?? "
Albert Einstein: (Real Quote)
  “A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”
 " Sir, i know you have fallen in love with Mileva Maric while at college and struggled hard to convince your parents  for your love marriage.But finally you succeeded in your attempt and married Mileva.Would you like to tell me something about love and marriage ?? "
Albert Einstein: (Real Quote)
" You cant Blame Gravity For Falling In Love". “Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed.”
 " LoL " :)

Chat - 4 ( with Osama Bin Laden )

          When i see the Terrorists creating Havoc in the world by Blasting Bombs ,Killing Innocent people including small Children,Women and the Old...i would like to chat with Osama Bin Laden...The Terrorist turned Engineer.

" Mr Laden..i have heard that you have had a Degree in Civil Engineering.All i wanted to ask you is - " Being a Civil Engineer,how did you forget the fact that the words Civil means 'People ' and Engineer means ' Creator'.Combining them,Civil Engineer means a person who Creates/Builds structures for the welfare of people...
          But what have you done??? what did you create ??? that all about marrying six wives and creating sixteen children ??
 Bin Laden: ( Fictional Reply )
 " What ?? that how you reply when the questions are tough ?? Tell me one more thing..." Why do you Terrorists create chaos in the society with all Bomb Blasts,Killing innocent people including small children ?? You name it as 'Jihad' and call yourselves as followers of Islam ?? The Holy Quran doesnt say that you kill innocent people and call yourselves as sons of Allah...! You terrorists are all sons of Devil and should be hanged like Mad Dogs..!!
 Bin Laden: ( Fictional Reply )
 " Serious look at me..! No Reply...!!
" You Terrorists call yourselves as sons of Allah.But In Hyderabad,India your Brutal Youth Blasted Bombs even in a Mosque called " Mecca Masjid " and killed many muslim brothers while they were performing Namaaj...! What would you say for it..?? Is that not Animalistic..??
Bin Laden: ( Fictional Reply )
 " Jihaad...! "
 " u just know that one word ?? The whole world felt happy when you were Killed.So..stop saying jihaad...jihaad...and go to Hell..! Oh...i forgot..You already are replying from Hell na..!

Chat -5 ( with God )

         When i see the differences in this world like Richness and Poverty,Healthy and the Sick,The Good and The Bad,Life and Death ;When i see the rich enjoying their life,while the poor struggle to earn their Everyday Bread or When i see children Born Disabled or When i see Evilness increasing in the Hearts of the People or when i see the ones we love Dying, I would like to chat with God...!
" Dear God...all the people living in this world are you sons and daughters that you love equally...but why have you created these differences like   Richness and Poverty,Healthy and the Sick,The Good and The Bad,Life and Death ?? I always wanted to ask all these questions face to face...but i can get satisfied with this chat with you at least..!! Please answer me my lord..!!
God : ( Fictional Reply )
 " My son...why are you looking at these differences ?? Cant you see that i have filled every one Equally with my divine soul...?? "
 " Oh...i didn't get that but soon i will learn to understand the inner meaning of your reply.Dear Almighty...please tell me why should the good ones Die? The Evil is deep rooted in this world.Why are you not ending the world ?? Dear God.. please reply me in a way more understandable to todays generation...?? please..!!
God : ( Fictional Reply )
 " Smiles...!! Ok my son...i will explain you clearly using Computer terminology so that you would better understand."
                "Imagine the entire world as a computer and all the Living/Non-Living ones as Applications/Data  in it ,some running (living) and some static (non-living).Let the Evilness in the world be the Harmful Virus that attacked the computer and the Goodness in the world is the Anti-Virus that Protects the computer applications from getting infected and iam the Computer Operator.Now you know it very well...! When the computer( World ) is infected with Virus( Evilness ),initially the operator need not react because the Anti-Virus( Goodness ) installed by him(God) would take care of the Computer from the Harmful Virus by Nullifying its effect.But when the Harmful-Virus has become so strong that it could Infect even the Anti-Virus software,Then the Operator comes in to action and would  'Format ( End ) ' the computer ( World ) such a process,All the Data contained in the Computer ( All the Living/Non-Living ones)  would Be Lost.Even the Uninfected-Data( Good people of the World ) would be lost.But don't worry my son...just like a precarious Computer Operator, i would Back-up the Useful Data ( Good People) beforehand in an External Hard Disc ( Heaven ).Now i hope you Got it...!!
 " Wow...i'm speechless..!! Thank you so much God...!! You are Great..!!!
 ”Dear God...i always wonder why people offer you tonnes of Gold and Crores of Money as Gifts?? You yourself have given them all that and how can they give it back to you again?? "
God : ( Fictional Reply)
 ”I gave them all those riches just to see if they would be able to help the poor or not. But these rich people are not able to realize the fact that iam not dwelling in these temples/idols. They are not able to realize the truth that i have distributed myself equally in all Human Beings and that i dwell in those Poor too. If the rich really wanted to thank me for all that I had given them, they should offer all these gifts to the poor and the needy. I pity the Rich of their ignorance."

Chat -5 ( with Mother )

           When I see everything in this world is decreasing in their Quantity,Quality and Value right from the Fossil fuels to the Human Values; I always wondered how  Mothers love is the only thing in this world that is unflinching starting from the Early stone age till the present Day.I used to think God is Just and Merciful...But sometimes even God seems like he is being Partial towards few of his Creation.But Mother is the only person who Loves his sons/Daughters Equally regardless of what his Son/Daughter is...Was...or  Wouldbe...!! So i want to chat with her..

 " I know that Only Mothers Love is the purest form of Love in this World.But i always wonder how that is possible..??
God : ( Fictional Reply )
 "  Ok My Son...i will reply to this Question of yours..."
 " Surprised........!! God....I have asked this question to Mother.Iam shocked to see that  you have come to reply this question...!! Why..???
God : ( Fictional Reply )
 After i created the Universe,One day i started thinking like - "Every single second,I want to be with all my sons/daughters that i have created so that i can be taking care of them.But How can i be with every one every single fraction of every second?? " and I arrived at a solution...guess what?? I created Mom for everyone on earth...!! It is me in the disguise of Mother..!!

 " Wow...!! are the greatest..!! are the sweetest..!!

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Sunday, 21 April 2013

"Crimes against Women--My Suggested Methods for Prevention and Cure..""


 " O Man...Why have you become so Mean...???
      Having taken Birth from a Woman and depended on woman lifelong...!
              Though u knew she is Better than you in many ways,You never accept it out of your Ego !!!
              You made her life miserable in many ways and in return you always received lots of Love...!
      Why these crimes against her?? why have u become so mean??
              Why are you racing towards reverse evolution??? from MAN back to an ANIMAL ???
Stop these inhuman crimes against her...or by the  day  u realize that u have chopped that very branch of the tree called Love,that you yourself were supported upon,You would fall to that very ground level of      humanity,where you no longer could call yourself a 'Human..' ".

     Women...the multi responsibility holding and multi role playing as a Mother,sister,wife in my wonderful country India must be treated with respect and honor.But knowing the news of these growing  crimes against women in India everyday,i started  feeling bad..for the first time in my life,for belonging to the Male sex community.

       This afternoon when i switched the idiot box on,the news that i heard touched me deeply."A 5-year-old girl  was allegedly kidnapped, raped and tortured by a  24-year-old man and then left alone in a locked room in India's capital for two days."

   How immoral...ah...grief..somewhere deep in my heart...! Idiots..Brutes..What not...! As the news ended,it made me speechless,felt as if my throat dried off..out of this feeling,i then decided i would write down my feelings and suggest some methods which would hopefully stop such immoral acts on my  Indian sisters.

         With my experience as an assistant professor in an engineering college,i have got the opportunity to study the mindsets of most of the youth today and i analyzed that the reason for such inhuman or immoral behavior among todays youth is mainly because..."MOST OF TODAYS YOUTH ARE LACKING IN HUMAN ETHICAL VALUES...".I have bolded it because,it is the largest problem that might seem quite simple and small!!


    1. Indian educational system should include a subject called "Human Ethics" in their academic curriculum right from schooling till Post graduation.and strict rules should be made such that "any student who fails in this subject,would never get his remaining subject papers evaluated "
    2.  Indian educational system should also include Yoga as a compulsory subject throughout the education  right from schooling till PG.This may sound little funny but it is very important because only through YOGA,one can gain a control over his Body(emotions) through his Mind and never let the Body control the Mind.
    3. Rural uneducated people should be given an awareness on Human Ethics and Yoga through awareness camps.
    4. Indian govt should mainly focus on educating the people on these issues,rather than making strict laws,which according to my personal opinion would be mostly helpless at hand.
    5. The accused ones in such cases should be imprisoned in special jails and given a life long imprisonment till death.
    6. Indian government should completely remove/ban Liquor shops and thus help for a better India. 

Monday, 8 April 2013

"Your Birthday is the Day on Which You are Not Actually Born "

Its my ' Birth Date' today...April 8th...but still i say- " Its not at all my 'Birth Day' "????? How come it be possible???
Few of u might say- "Oh...may be its the date that was recorded in your school certificates and that might have continued throughout till your post graduation...Right??? ". My answer to that intelligent guess is a big ":NO".
     No one on this earth is born on their so called 'Birthday' that they celebrate with lots of happiness..!!  Yeah...  one needs to have a brain mature enough to believe this wonderful "FACT".Yes..this is the hidden fact told by the holy scriptures...may it be the Holy Bible or the Bhagavatgita..!

Do u know when are we all born?? hmmm...Question inside a Question..?? is mysterious ..thats why many human beings couldnt understand the answer to this mysterious question till they reach the last stages of their lives..!

Let me start opening this mystey...

                                       "GOD...where is he found?  in the church? in the hindu temple? or in the mosque??

GOD is Universal (LATIN: Unus=one and  Versus= To Turn).The word UNIVERSE etymologically means "Everything Turns Out To Be One".That means all the souls of this universe if  brought together and are shaped something like a snow ball...then that snow Ball is GOD.God is not at all concentrated at a single place..he is nothing but a vast never ending dispersed divine soul..with all positive qualities..with no single spot of negativity.

God might have thought..."How can i be with everything  living/nonliving every single fraction of every single second" ??

Oh Yeah..!!  This is It..!!
He arrived at a divine idea..he distributed his vast divine soul in to everything living/nonliving...with equal proportions of his divine soul distributed in to the nature..the trees..animals..humans...including me and you..! Yes...Unbelievable..but true..

Here i would like to quote a beautiful line from the Bhagawat Gita which says -"Eeshwaro Sarwa Bhootaanaam.." which means.." God Is In All Living/Nonliving Beings"

We all human beings are born at that very moment this universe itself was born.The divine soul/Atman hidden inside us will liberate itself from this living body and gets united with the never ending divine soul only if we live a positive life and know about the divinity within and only when we could see and realise the divinity in every other living creature around us..! Few examples of such great souls are Jesus Christ,Mother Theresa,swami Vivekananda..etc..!

If someone asks you.."who are u??" then what would  ur reply be? may be perhaps u might say... " lam Mr/Miss/Mrs.X" .But you know what?? Thats "The Exactly Wrong Answer".If u answer reflects your innocence..! my personal opinion,ignorance is no crime.But ignoring our ignorance is the biggest crime that one would have ever committed.

    We all are "Divine Souls" living inside these "Human Bodies" that our parents might have named Suresh or Naresh or X or Y or Z..OR Whatever..! It is the name of the body and not of your soul..!
Surprised?  well.. who doesn't ?? 

A Soul is invisible,Genderless,Emotionless.It is something that no scientist can prove or conduct experiments upon...! Only we humans are those scientists who have that uncatchable 'Soul' captured in the experimenting lab of our 'Body'.Whether we realize that 'omniscient' soul within us or not is what all that makes the difference...!

      Our Divine Souls continue taking help of  body after body until our Souls are Liberated.Thats what most people mis understand as "Birth After Birth".How can it be called 'Birth' when there was no 'Death'  at all???.At school we were thought "The Law of Conservation of Energy" which states that :- "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.But It just changes its forms".So why we the so called 'Highly Educated' fail to understand the fact that our soul is a form of the Divine Energy and that it can never  be destroyed?? is that not against "The Law of Conservation of Energy"??

    Liberation of the soul means freeing the Divine Soul inside us..freeing it  from all negative emotions,materialistic desires,all kinds of weaknesses which makes all the difference between 'Man' and 'God'.

     Liberation of Soul could be done only by "Knowing the Divinity with ourselves and others and by helping the weak Souls understand the Divinity within themselves and through selfless sacrifices.Which is humanely very hard and impossible without a strong determination and dedication.Liberation of the soul is called "Moksha" which is a state that brings us eternal peace..where we the tiniest of the snow particles join the snow ball called God.

              So god is within other words.."You yourself are God"...Surprising na!!  

Summarising above lines :

  1. We  were all  born at the beginning of this universe.
  2. But we never liberated our soul thats the reason why we all are still living in this Human Body.
  3. We never loved our fellow human beings.We filled ourselves with all sorts of negative emotions which made  attaining 'Moksha' impossible.
  4. So our souls were searching for Body after Body...Century after Century..
  5. May be some or the other time you or i might have been a frog or a snake or a donkey.
  6. Its obvious we can never liberate our soul when we were animals.
  7. But this time we are Humans...capable of liberation..capable of loving fellow human beings...capable of expanding the divinity within and in our surroundings...
  8. But what are we doing?? Loving material gains and Expanding the Negative Emotions within ourselves.
  9. Cruelty,Hatred,Avarice,Greed,Miserliness,Envy,Jealousy,Embarrassment,Shame,Guilt,Remorse,Humiliation, Anger, Rage,Aversion, Disgust, Revulsion,Anger, Rage and what not?????
  10. Instead of realizing God in fellow human beings we Run behind all kinds of Religious Chantings.
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Monday, 1 April 2013

" My Adventures at Indian Airforce Selection Board-Mysore "

October 4, 2008
My Adventures at IAF Selection Board-2008

Hurray....i got selected in Indian Air Force as an Officer.....i started jumping inside myself.......but it wasn't yet fully confirmed.I was still in KLCE college campus,Vijayawada.I went there to attend  an off campus interview for IAF.Me and  around 45 students of my college mates  gave a written test and only a few(around some 5 or 6 members) got through.I was one among them.

Then we had a 2nd round.....thats called picture perception round (we have to write a story by seeing a photograph shown as a slide.example slide shown in pic to the left).
The final round was a GD and i got through it too...Hurray..... i thought i got the job.But there was a twist in the story there.....we were given an entry ticket for the further rounds that are going to be held in INDIAN AIRFORCE SELECTION BOARD MYSORE....!!

                There started my journey towards IAF.We reached yashwantpur railway station.We were total four students from our state(myself included).From there we went to majestic Bus-stand Bangalore by prepaid auto (this is for the first time i ever came to know of 'prepaid auto' system).Bangalore city railway station is very near to majestic.We got a train to MYSORE.It was around three/four hours journey.Outside Mysore railway station,where we were instructed in our call letters to wait,we waited for about an hour.At sharp 6.50 Am, an IAF bus came ther and it started to the selection board at sharp 7'o clock.Within 15 mins, we entered "NO-2 AIRFORCE SELECTION BOARD-MYSORE".


It was like another world inside mysore city!! (Picture at the right is that of an old plane kept at the entrance for display)  we were given Tea and snacks to eat and were made to sit in the seminar hall within few minutes.
  1. TWO PSYCHOLOGY TESTS (written) were taken without gap.
  2. Followed by PICTURE PERCEPTION TEST for 12 successive slides (the picture display time is very less...may be few seconds) were given.
  3. Followed by SITUATION REACTION TEST for 45 questions were taken.
  4. Then immediately ENGLISH WORDS USAGE TEST was taken.
  5. Then at 2 pm or 3 pm approximately,we were arranged lunch in the canteen. 

After Lunch we were given chest numbers before conducting all these chest number was "6"!!!

GTO(Group Testing for Officers)TESTS :---
  1. 1.Two sucessive GROUP DISCUSSION(indoor)were taken.
  2. 2.Followed by a GROUP TASK (a city or country map is given,we have to tackle various situations as per the given task).
  3. Then after that, we went outdoor for PROGRESSIVE GROUP TASK. (It consisted of 4 sets of obstacles.Time given for us was 45 minutes.We completed it in time.ours is a group of ten members i.e chest numbers form 1 to 10 named GROUP-A).
  4. Then after that task,we had a race called SNAKE RACE (The tent used by army jawans is rolled in the form of a snake and was tied firmly by a rope all around so that it looked like a snake.All  ten members of our group had to carry the snake on our shoulders and participate in a race, in which we had to cross TEN OBSTACLES (Somewhat Harder task) to reach the finish line.While our Group-A started,simultaneously other two groups D and G raced parallel with us.
The obstacles were like

1)A Car Tier will be hung from a support at a height of 5 feet.we have to jump through the tyre without losing contact with the snake.While crossing any obstacle, at least 3 team mates should be in contact with the snake.If this rule was broken by any team,the G.T.O officer watching each of our groups gives a penalty. 
              If the rule was broken, the GTO officer will give us a penalty depending on the severity of the rule broken.For example...If the rule was severely broken,then the G.T.O officer shouts out the number "twenty" upon which, everyone of us should stand still and count numbers  from 20 to 1 in descending order and then start again.While we were having penalty, the other groups will be marching forward.
The other snake race obstacles were like

2)A wooden plank hung between two wires, on which we have to walk and cross.(The plank used to swing and we had to balance ourself with the snake still on our shoulder).
3)A structure shaped "8" will be hung. We have to move through inside of it in the shape of "8" (No pic available).
4) We have to climb a Ten foot wall and cross to the other side(most difficult because of the snake).
5)Other obstacles were tougher enough.
              After successfully completing the race, our necks were full of dust and gunny bag wool, as we had to carry the snake on our necks.Finally, among the three competing groups,ours was the first to win the race.our G.T.O congratulated us.Our winning slogan was "CHAK-DE" (chosen by us). We had to shout it loud and we did it in winning josh.
             Now the second day testing was all over.We went to our mess.Ate bellyfull and got to rest.Everyday we had free hours from 2 pm onwards.In the evenings,we used to go out to roam out in the streets of Mysore.
             We visited the Mysore ZOO.Wow...!!!It was a wonerful feeling...!As i never visited a zoo before,it was a good feeling to be visiting a zoo,that too in a beautiful place like Mysore.....!!

We saw the worlds smallest monkey called pocket monkey, many cockatoos, white and different coloured peacocks, birds and we saw white tiger, ordinary tiger, indian elephants, african elephants, deers, wildbuffallos.
Zirraffees are the most interesting ones that i saw in the entrance of the it turned out to be 6 pm in the evening, as it most often does in Mysore, it began to rain heavily.
       Then we saw a board on which it was written "This is the only zoo in India exhibiting a Gorilla".We wanted to see it too, but becoz of rain, we ran towards a shelter and we missed the gorilla.morover, the zoo will be closed by we had to leave we came out, we ate some panipuri, murmur, kheera and returned to the IAF hostel.we had a good dinner and slept.


      Everyday, starting from the first day of our stay, we had to assemble infront of our hostel in threes by 6:45 Am.So we used to get up early @ 4:30 am, get ready and  used to assemble in time. Everyday @ sharp 6:50 am,the wing commander used to come there and used to inquire  regarding the comfort of our stay and about our health and he asked us for any complaints, etc.
      As soon as he finished his addressing,it was around 7 am and we had to go for further testings.on the third day, we had group testing second phase. We had to wear white and white(or a track suit) for GROUP TESTING.
     As we went for group testing, we were given a strip, on which 4 topics will be written.we have to choose one, think for it for 3 minutes and give a seminar in front of our group mates for 3 minutes.Since ours is a group of ten , we completed those seminars in 30 minutes.
    Then came a COMMAND each one of us will be acting as a commander individually.When acting as a commander, have to call up any two members of our group and make them do a task by commanding them through instructions while i was doing the task, the remaining members of the group should remain facing towards a wall.Means they shouldn't see what iam doing.
      Like this, each one of us were called one after the other.Finally, it was a very time consuming process.When not acting in command task,i.e while seated facing the wall, one should have good patience.It was boring heavily in that mean time.
When this command task for all ten of us was completed, we had to face INDIVIDUAL TASKS.There were ten obstacles to be passed for finishing the task.

Obstacles are:

1) A small inclined slope.(we have to jump over it by stepping on it).
2) Four feet High Jump.
3) Balancing walk on a wooden plank placed horizontally in between two vertical wooden poles at a height of 7 feet.

4)Have to jump a wall of 10 feet high (Tough and have to be smart enough).
5) Two ropes were tied between two vertical poles at about 15 feet high above ground  and 20 feet high.we have to climb the pole, catch hold of the 20 feet high rope and walk on the 15 feet high rope and  cross on to the other side and then climb down.(The ropes swing u like one need to be  steady but keep  a watch on running time and should be confident.Most of the members lost much time here).
6) we have to climb a platform about 12 feet high, from there jump on to a platform at about 8 feet high(both platforms separated by  3 feet gap), then jump from there to ground.
7) Have to climb a rope, thats hung from a support @15feet high,touch the top surface, then again climb down slowly(should not slide over the rope).
8)monkey crawl:- we have to crawl upside down, like a monkey and cross to the other side.there will be a wooden bully hung between two swings vigorously as we crawl on it.
9)Sorry i don't remember the ninth one.
10)Finally there was be a platform at 12 feet height.We had to climb over it and jump and catch hold of a rope hung from a pole at a distance of 4 feet from the platform and then climb down slowly.(This is where i felt my heart beat increased...i climbed on to the platform with ease but jumping and catching hold of a rope at a distance is really harder...if the rope swings due to air and u miss it...oh my..u will be in the dispensary with severe i thought there on the platform for a few seconds...and climbed down the platform and reached the officer to report the task completeion.Shortest time  counts).

          Their difficulty increases from 1 to 10.Marks will be awarded as follows: 1st obstacle will be awarded 1mark, the second one two marks and so on........!! If all ten obstacles were crossed, we will get 55 marks(sum of one to ten).I scored 36 marks( i had no time for 10+9 marks/obstacles).Do u know whats the time given to cross all these ten Obstacles??

Believe me its just 3 minutes!!!! Just imagine how hard it do such hard tasks keeping in view of the time constraint and keeping ourselves safe.  

      Then finally, the day was over for testing.Then we had lunch and set out on I.A.F bus for a tour(paid by us).We saw Mysore Palace, Tippu Sultans Battle Field where he fought a battle with britishers and was killed in the battle
(place called as srirangapatna) .His Tomb where even today he receives lots of respect.Then we went to see Brundavan Gardens.

       FInally, at night 8pm, our bus was on its way back to the hostel.As usual..we had our dinner and fell a sound sleep..zzzzzz lol :)


        We faced personal interview lasting about half an hour per person .It was very casual.But u cant bluff or be fake with the interviewer because interviewer is too clever(officer brains are too sharp). Even if u wish to bluff, he will get every truth out of you by successive twisted questions.


        Finally, it is the day we have to face the conference.About 13 officers will be seated in the form of an "U" like structure.and there will be a chair placed in the opening of the "U" structure, on which each member will be called to sit and would be interviewed.It was a casual interview(but be cautious about your formals and the body language and walking style).It just lasted for 5 minutes.They will test your confidence and suitability to the forces.
  finally after having lunch,we are called to know our result in the same seminar hall, where we were seated and tested on the very first day.

              Finally, the group commander declared the result....."lub dub"....."lub dub"(Every one was smiling but were praying silently with fingers crossed...thinking about the journey we had throughout..the tasks we did..the friends we made...everything...every thing flashed in our minds in just a few seconds like a lightning .

           After a breath stopping suspense,the commander started calling out the names of selected ones and asked them to come on to the stage.Oh god..what is did it miss?? grief...but had to control it...and show a smiling face out...aah felt like heart stopped beating for a few minutes...and tears rolling in the eyes...but had to send them back in to those pores..where they came from...without wiping them off..just by blinking the eyes twice or thrice...!! yes...i sent them could see the stage clearly.Only 6 out of 56 were name was not in the result.

         All the unselected candidates were in pale faces..but some of us like me..tried to hide that situation by saying the fact that.."Even Abdul Kalam sir was not selected in an I.A.F interview so nothing to be felt bad about....".With a sense of humour out of pain...i said "Thank god i was not selected because i cant get up every day at 4 Am" :)

Na Na wait baba...wait..wait..the movie is not yet over...even those 6 selected members were not confirmed of the job in IAF. They were further sent for physical and medical tests.Few weeks later through a friend i came to know that only 2 of then got the FINAL SELECTION !!!!! 
              Then i thought "how sad those remaining 5 might be????"

I have written this blog just that it could be of some help to future IAF aspirants..                                                                                   
                                                                ALL THE BEST..